Business Brief Newsletter Launches to Business Professionals

(September 6, 2011) WILLOW GROVE, Pa. – AnswerNet, the world’s largest telemessaging firm, has launched Business Brief—a unique newsletter series aimed at providing real-life, business advice to senior management across all industries. Business Brief is a short, useful and timely email publication. Each issue is laser-focused on a single topic about the challenges of managing a business for profitability and sustainability for the long term.


“This is not about selling our services or products. This is about AnswerNet providing business professionals with tactical, real-life, actionable advice about the things that senior managers deal with every single day,” said Gary Pudles, President and CEO of AnswerNet. “We are all so busy; that’s why I wanted Business Brief to be short and to the point. It can be read and digested very quickly.” Pudles went on to say, “I hope our colleagues and associates leverage this information and find it helpful.”


The first issue launched to more than 20,000 business contacts on July 26, 2011 and focused on accountability in the workplace. The newsletter will continue to distribute every other month, and touch on topics such as effective business planning, better financing and restoring the work/life balance. To find out more about the Business Brief, or to sign up, please visitAnswerNet’s Media Blog.